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Sprouts to fuel your day

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If you are feeling fatigue and burnout, you’re not alone! The demands of modern life often leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed. A recent finding from The University of Melbourne, confirmed that 1 in 2 people aged between 18-54 years feel exhausted at work.(1) Rest and relaxation are essential ingredients for combating fatigue, but nutrition plays a vital role in mitigating burnout. While a healthy, balanced diet is the foundation for lasting energy, natural energy boosters such as sprouted foods, will add an extra punch to a fatigue-fighting diet.


The role of nutrition on energy levels

Nutrition serves as the fuel that powers our body and a nourishing diet rich in essential nutrients provides the foundation for optimal energy production and sustained vitality. Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats provide a primary energy source, while micronutrients including vitamins and minerals play essential roles in maintaining healthy energy metabolism.

A range of sprouted foods such as broccoli sprouts, chickpea sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts provide both which make them a valuable addition to an energising diet.

Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of energy. Slow absorbing carbohydrates provide a steady release of glucose which can help sustain energy levels through the day.

Sprouts such as lentil and chickpea contain slow-release carbohydrates as well as a source of dietary fibre which can further sustain energy release to help keep fatigue at bay.

Protein - Protein-rich foods contain amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells and tissues. Consuming adequate protein supports muscle repair and growth(2), which enhances physical resilience which may in turn reduce fatigue. A protein rich diet can also help fill you up and leave you feeling energised between meals.

Lentil sprouts and chickpea sprouts provide a valuable source of plant-based protein. One serve (½ cup) of chickpea sprouts provides a generous 18g of protein.(3)

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and most popularly known for its role in maintaining a healthy immune system. What might be less known about this potent micronutrient is its role in maintaining normal energy metabolism and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Broccoli sprouts are packed with this energy booster, providing 47mg or 118% of the recommended dietary intake per 75g serve.(3)

Folate - Folate is an essential B vitamin found in foods such as leafy green vegetables. Like Vitamin C, folate plays an important role in contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue through its role in energy metabolism.

Alfalfa sprouts, contain 90µg or 22.5% of the recommended dietary intake per 75g serve(4) and are an ideal source of vitamin B. 


Easy ways to get your boost from sprouts

The best way to reap the benefits of these energy boosting sprouts is to incorporate them along with other nutrient-dense foods throughout the day. Here are some easy and delicious ways to add an energy kick to your meals and snacks.

Sprout smoothies - throw in a handful of fresh broccoli sprouts to your favourite smoothie for an energising boost of Vitamin C and the powerful antioxidant sulforaphane.

wheatgrass smoothie

Chickpea falafel wraps - swap canned chickpeas which can be depleted in nutrients, for fresh crunchy chickpea sprouts to create tasty and filling falafel. These can be added to wholegrain wraps along with your favourite toppings. For an added boost, top with fresh alfalfa sprouts.

falafel chickpea

Sprouted sushi - for an energising spin on traditional sushi, add a handful of crunchy sprouts such as broccoli or alfalfa along with ingredients such as avocado to sushi rolls for a fresh meal or snack.

sprouted sushi

Sprouted dips - blend your favourite sprouts into your favourite dips, then pair with nourishing veggie sticks and wholegrain crackers to give you a boost on-the-go. For a classic dip, try using chickpea sprouts in place of regular chickpeas.

sprouted dips

In the battle against fatigue and burnout, harnessing the power of essential nutrients from sprouts can help keep you going throughout the day. Pairing fresh crunchy sprouts with other nutrient dense foods can help ensure your energy reserves are maintained to keep tiredness and fatigue at bay.


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