Broccoli sprouting seeds
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Broccoli sprouting seeds

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Numerous research studies have shown broccoli sprouts contain 50 times more sulforaphane than fresh mature broccoli.

Broccoli sprouts has a massive nutritional profile. It is very high in vitamin C, potassium, B6, vitamin A, folic acid, fibre, protein and antioxidants plus a bunch of phytochemicals. ( Phytochemicals are compounds like glucoerucin and carotenoids, such as zeaxanthin and beta-carotene; and kaempferol, a flavonoid.) 

Please note: Seeds are NOT available for purchase if your delivery address is in WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions.

Our seed bags are made from a natural woven blend of cotton and muslin. For longer seed shelf life please store the seeds in an airtight container.

Product specification

  • Non-GMO
  • Non Detected Chemical Residue * NATA Laboratory Tested
  • Microbiologically tested. (Free of pathogens, e-coli, salmonella and listeria)
  • No chemical seed coating
  • Open pollinated
  • Non-hybrid
  • Germination +95%
  • Seed Purity +98%

Days to maturity

3 - 7 days.

Growing method

Jars, trays and sprouting bags.

How to sprout broccoli seeds

Our growing instructions are based on jar and strainer method:

Seed prep:

  1. Add 2 tbsp of seeds to your jar, cover seeds with 400ml of water.  Swoosh around to agitate seeds and tip water out to clean the seeds.
  2. Add 400ml of water and allow the seeds to soak for 4-6 hours.
  3. After soaking drain water by tipping the jar upside down using the strainer lid.
  4. Sit the jar in a tilted resting position throughout the growing period, away from direct sunlight.


  1. Water the sprouts minimum 2 times a day during a 8-10 hours period. For better results water the sprouts 3-4 times per day.
  2. First flush, rinse sprouts and drain. Repeat for a second rinse with fresh water for a few minutes. Extra water may be required on hotter days/more humid conditions.
  3. Drain and place jar back in resting position.
  4. Repeat Growing Steps 2 and 3, the rinsing and draining process 2-4 times daily till the seeds are ready for harvest.

Creating photosynthesis:

To colour the sprouts green we have to go through a natural process called photosynthesis. When the sprouts are at the desired length and ready for harvest:

  1. Place the sprouts in an upright position in a brightly lit area to catch the maximum light.
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight. Natural and fluorescent lighting is fine.
  3. Photosynthesis can start to happen within one hour (light green) to 12 hours (darker green).
  4. Adjust to preference.
  5. Rinsing is still required while the sprouts are still growing and creating photosynthesis.

After your sprouts have turned to your desired green it is ready for harvesting and feasting! Wash and drain the leftovers and place in a clean container. The sprouts can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.