Savoury snacks & salad toppers.

Add a little extra to every meal. 

Want to give your dishes extra texture, taste and goodness? Try our irresistible crispy salad toppers, salad seeds, croutons and toasted rice crackers. They’re simply scrumptious.

Topping ranges

Delicious range.

Dress up simple dishes and salads. Add extra flavour and crunch. Simply sprinkle on your choice of Delicious Crispy Shallots or Delicious Fried Garlic… and enjoy.

Salad seeds.

Nutritious blends of dry roasted sunflower and sesame seeds, with premium herbs and spices. Generously sprinkle on your salads, stir fries or even use as a dry dip.

Seasoned salad croutons.

Turn dishes into memorable meals in just seconds. Deliciously crunchy and delicately flavoured, they’re perfect for salads and soups, or simply to snack on.

Toasted rice crackers.

The tastiest crackers you’ve ever eaten! Heat them in the microwave, try them with cheese and dips or even crush them for a crispy topping. Yum.