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open sandwiches

A slice of summer

Savour the flavours of summer with effortless entertaining! From casual gatherings to family celebrations, simplify your hosting with open sandwiches. Dive into the art of easy recipes—fresh crusty bread, quality...

cilia root hair

What is the white fuzz on my sprouts?

Unveil the secret of the white fuzz in your sprouts! Discover how root hairs, the nutrient superheroes, boost growth and absorption. Learn to differentiate them from mould with our quick...

mood food

Mood food

If there’s a silver lining to the global pandemic, it’s the increased focus on our mental health. Over the past two years, 3 in 10 of us have become more...

secret life of seeds

The secret life of seeds.

Uncover the secrets of sprouting seeds with Sydney Sprouts. Discover how choosing the right seeds impacts taste and nutrition. Our high-quality seeds are microbiologically tested, free of chemical residue, and...

Wonder never cease

Wonder never ceases

Embrace the power of curiosity! Rediscover the joy of exploring, experimenting, and experiencing the wonders of life. Stay curious and keep the spirit of discovery alive.

14 super benefits of eating sprouts

Sprout it from the rooftops!

Discover 14 science-backed reasons to incorporate sprouts into your diet. From improved digestion to heart health and vibrant skin, these tiny powerhouses offer a wealth of benefits!

Meet Shane Lougheed… Seed Guru

Meet Shane Lougheed… Seed Guru

Discover the essence of quality sprouting seeds at Sydney Sprouts. We source the finest seeds with utmost care, ensuring excellence and purity. Learn about our commitment to sprouting quality from...

The secrets of sprouting and soaking - Sydney Sprouts

The secrets of sprouting and soaking

Learn from Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Petra Hooyenga about the nutritional benefits of sprouts and the importance of soaking seeds before consumption. Explore the impact on bioavailability and digestion.


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