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Sowing the seeds of tomorrow

Ask a group of primary school kids where their food comes from and chances are at least a few will say “the fridge”, or perhaps “the supermarket”. While on the surface it sounds funny, it’s also a cause for some concern.

Life in the 21st century certainly has plenty going for it. But one area where we’ve perhaps lost our way a little, is in providing our children with a solid education around the foods they eat and enjoy. This is something we’ve always been really passionate about here at Sydney Sprouts. After all, whether we live in the biggest of cities or the smallest of country towns, a better understanding of food and nutrition will help our kids make better – and healthier – choices for the rest of their lives!

Rather than simply writing about the problem in blogs like this, we wanted to actually do something positive about it. So, we’ve been hard at work over the past few months creating a collection of special food-themed educational opportunities for kids including home growing kits and worksheets. They’re fun, informative and hands-on. Just the thing to stimulate hungry little minds at school or home. They’re ready right now too – so why not give them a try?

Kids' sprouting kit

One of the best ways to learn about food is to actually try growing some yourself. From broccoli and alfalfa to mung beans and lentils, our kids' sprouting seed kits are a great way to get started. They include everything your kids will need and are super easy to use – no green thumbs required. In fact, the seeds we’ve selected have a +95% germination rate and guarantee sprouts in 3-5 days if they’re watered 2-3 times a day. Your kids will love seeing their food grow before their eyes.

As an added bonus, we also know children are more likely to eat their vegies when they’ve been involved in growing them!

kids sprouting kit

The second thing we’ve done is create a FREE sprouting seeds activity worksheet. It’s filled with games, activities, trivia and tips to help kids (and adults!) learn all the secrets of sprouting – and get the healthiest, most delicious results from their seeds. There’s a daily ‘Sprout Diary’ to keep notes of how your seeds are growing, and if you’re really keen, it also includes extra video links and online resources to take your learning even further!


Healthier food choices start at home

Home growing (and gardening in general) can help our kids learn so many different life lessons and skills. Things like patience, responsibility, confidence and self- sufficiency. They’ll learn about the rhythms of nature and nurturing, the joy of seeing their seeds sprout and grow, before the wonderful pride and satisfaction of eating their very own home-grown produce. Who knows, you might even inspire a future nutritional guru or environmentalist warrior – all with a few humble seeds and a bit of fun grown your own gardening? Happy sprouting!


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