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The secret life of seeds.

 secret life of seeds

They may look the same. But all seeds are not created equal.

Like most plant-based foods, there can be an enormous difference in the quality, growability and content found in sprouting seeds. So, choose carefully!

It all starts with quality seeds.

Our family-run business has been growing fresh sprouts for more than four decades. One of the most important things we’ve ever learned is your choice of seeds has a direct impact on both the taste and nutritional content of the produce that, ultimately, goes on your table at home.

(Sorry to say, but in our experience the mass-produced and highly processed packet seeds you’ll typically find at the local shops are rarely up to scratch.)

Taste and nutrition you can trust.

As anyone who’s grown their own sprouts using Sydney Sprouts seeds will tell you, you really can taste the difference. Why? Well, for starters the seeds available to purchase at are exactly the same high-quality seeds which we use on our farm to produce the fresh sprouts we sell to all the major supermarkets. They have high standards, and so do we!

To ensure we produce the best quality sprouts, year after year, we spend a huge amount of time finding and testing our seeds. It’s an ongoing process that we take very seriously, and it means you can have total peace of mind about the quality of every seed that carries the Sydney Sprouts name.

All Sydney Sprouts seeds come with the following guarantees:

  • Non-Detected Chemical Residue*
  • Microbiologically tested to be free of pathogens
  • No chemical seed coatings
  • Open-pollinated through natural processes
  • Non-hybrid
  • Germination +95%
  • Seed Purity +98%

* National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Laboratory Tested.

Easier and healthier than hydroponics!

One of the big advantages of using quality seeds is it gives you a flying start to produce great-tasting, healthy sprouts. Our seeds are always fit-for-purpose and hand-selected for their quality. Because they have so many stored nutrients already locked inside, they only need water to ‘awaken’ them so you don’t need a green thumb to be successful.

There’s also no need for adding fertilisers or nutrients, unlike hydroponic growing, which at around 60-90 days takes much, much longer to reach harvest. Our high-quality seeds sprout almost immediately and will be ready to eat in just 5-8 days!


“Generally, plants grown in a non-soil environment [hydroponically] are less nutritious than those grown in healthy soil. But because these seeds are so rich to begin with and soil on commercial farms today is so poor, these hydroponic sprouts are still far healthier than commercial vegetables.”

– Sprouts: The Miracle Food by Steve Meyerowitz


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