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Pure & Simple: The inspiration of ‘germination’

Pure and simple

Imagine if you could peer under the earth’s surface and see the hive of activity that takes place as tiny seeds begin to transform into plants. You’d see the truly amazing natural process of Mother Nature creating new life – free from human interference.

When you sprout at home you’re actually observing and seeing the exact same phenomena that occurs underground – right before your eyes on the kitchen bench top – as the germination process takes place. The growth of the seeds as they develop roots and leaves, slowly but surely, minute by minute, day by day, until they’re ready to harvest and enjoy.

At Sydney Sprouts we use exactly the same process with our punnets of fresh sprouts which you buy at the shops. All the white tails are pointing down and all the tiny leafy green tips are facing upwards, just as they should be. It’s a wonderfully pure and untainted growing process. We refer to our seeds as being ‘organically sprouted’ because we do not interfere.

What do we mean by ‘Organically Sprouted’?

We add nothing to our sprouting seeds but water. No soil. No chemicals. No fertilisers. Just premium quality seeds, water and oxygen is all they need to reach their full delicious potential – and it all happens in just 3-5 days. Unlike so many other foods these days, this means the entire growing process is pure, simple and amazing!

What about the sun – don’t seeds need sunlight to sprout?

Contrary to what many people think, seeds don’t even need sunlight to sprout. Sprouting seeds are super clever things, pre-packed with their own food stores, which is all they need to germinate and grow. Just before they’re ready to harvest, we do give our sprouts a little light to help them develop a lush green colour. But that’s it.

Less intervention, more goodness.

If you’re conscious of the quality and nutrition of the foods you and your family eat (and who isn’t these days?) you can enjoy Sydney Sprouts with complete confidence. ‘Organically sprouted’, they are pure, simple … and delicious.

Ready to try ‘organic sprouting’ for yourself? You can order your seeds right now at our website.


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