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Grow-It-Yourself: How to create your own sprouts and microgreens kitchen garden

Ah, the joys of self-sufficiency. If you ask us, being able to do those little tasks in and around the house has always been one of life’s great pleasures. From fixing a leaky bathroom tap, to manicuring the front lawn, to preparing a tasty meal for family and friends, we just love that ‘do-it-yourself’ satisfaction.

Which brings us (yes, you guessed it) to sprouts.

kitchen garden

Imagine having a fully edible sprout and micro-greens garden in your kitchen. Apart from the reward of being able to grow your own fresh produce at home – and fewer trips to the supermarket when the fridge crisper is empty – a kitchen garden puts a deliciously healthy array of meal options, quite literally, at your fingertips. Feel like adding some fresh alfalfa to a salad? Too easy. Fancy topping sandwiches with a sprinkling of lentil or broccoli sprouts? Go for it!

Year ’round yum.

Whether you live in Townsville or Tassie, Bunbury or Byron Bay, one of the best things about sprouts and microgreens is they can be grown indoors, 365 days a year in any weather. They’re super sustainable and take up minimal space – a benchtop corner or small side table is ideal – and, in the case of sprouts, require no soil whatsoever. In fact, all they need to thrive is water and a few minutes of TLC each day.

Like many first-time ‘sprouters’, one of the things you’ll probably be amazed at is just how quickly they grow. The seed germination process begins almost immediately, and it’s usually only 5-10 days before you can harvest them to eat! Even better, because they don’t take up much room in your kitchen, you can easily grow several varieties of sprouts and microgreens at the same time, providing a world of variety and convenience at meal time.

Ready for some ‘G-I-Y’?

Every day, more and more Australian families are growing their own sprouts and microgreens. With our super-easy home growing kits, now’s a great time to join them. To help you get started, we’ve created a simple video (see the links below). to provide tips for harvesting your micro-greens to ensure you get the maximum bets possible regrowth.

Happy GIY-ing… ;-)


Bamboo microgreens tray with 2 seeds

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Large microgreens garden tray with 3 seeds

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