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Cooking through Covid: How staying apart has brought us together

Positivity is one of life’s most powerful forces. It’s something we always try to remember here at Sydney Sprouts, and has seen us become big believers in seeking out silver linings to every situation. Which brings us to a classic piece of wisdom first uttered by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato around 2,500 years ago…‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ 

Oh, how true this is. Time and again, history has shown there’s nothing quite like a unique problem or situation to encourage humans to get creative. Sometimes it’s about finding entirely new ideas to navigate life’s challenges. While at other times, it’s more about rediscovering or reframing existing ideas.  

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is a great example. Without question the past six months have been a deeply unsettling period for families, communities and businesses all over the world. But amongst the many hardships and negatives, there have also been a few glimmers of positivity and hope. For instance, one happy side-effect of the social distancing and lockdown laws is that thousands of families have come together at home and reconnected with the joys of co-existing. 

As SBS reported earlier in the year, one particular activity that both young and old Australians have been returning to in their droves is home cooking. Images and videos of fresh produce, creative food prepping and delicious plated up dishes have flooded social media feeds in recent times.  

While, yes, home delivery services have also been going through the roof, we’re so happy to see plenty of Aussies have been taking a different, hands-on approach to the problem of not being able to pop up to the local café for brunch or restaurant for dinner. The result? They’ve become so much more engaged with their home cooking and the wonderful social benefits it can offer. Rather than treating cooking as a daily ‘chore’, the process of determining what’s for lunch or dinner has become far more collaborative and creative as households seek to make the most of the situation we’re currently all living through. The Internet and digital technology has played a huge part, of course. With an abundance of cooking websites, foodie Youtube channels, Instagram recipes, Zoom kitchen masterclasses and even Masterchef re-runs at our fingertips, today’s digital world can turn any kitchen novice into an expert.  

covid cooking

With inspiration all around us, our kitchens are re-emerging as vital social connectors rather than places of mere utility. A place for us to gather and express our culinary talents by preparing and sharing meals we never thought we were capable of making. This is a legacy to be excited about. A trend worth embracing, encouraging and celebrating. A reminder than even in the darkest of days, there is always light and room for creativity to shine. 

It isn’t just cooking, either.  

Home cooking is just one of the pastimes people are turning to as they try to navigate the challenges and isolation of Covid-19. As the Washington Post reports in this article, From cooking to calligraphy, people stuck at home are finding new space for creativity, there are many, many more. What new skills have you been learning? 


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