seasoned salad croutons
Croutons lightly salted
Crouton Tamarind lime & chilli
croutons chargrilled cheese
Croutons garlic & black pepper
croutons caesar salad
crouton tuscan herbs
Sydney Sprouts

Seasoned salad croutons

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Crunchy croutons.

Turn dishes into memorable meals in just seconds. Deliciously crunchy and delicately flavoured, they’re perfect for salads and soups, or simply to snack on. Try them all now!

Tamarind lime & chilli: If you like a little bit of a spicy kick this one is for you. It's the triple "S" - sweet, sour and spicy!

Tuscan herb: Seasoned with rosemary, parsley, sage and thyme, this will no doubt be a staple pairing to soups and salads alike.

Caesar salad: Like the flavour of caesar salads without the 'salad' part? This flavour bomb will enhance any type of salads, especially caesars'!

Chargrilled cheese: Who doesn't love cheese flavoured anything? This may not leave orange powder on your fingers but pop a few cubes for a cheese party in your mouth.

Garlic & black pepper: Croutons with attitude! Add an instant flavour crunch to your salad and soups with these garlic and black pepper flavoured beauties - Or simply snack on them, just as they are!

Lightly salted: Scrumptious and lightly-salted, these croutons are a super easy, super tasty addition to any meal or salad. They’re also great as a snack.