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Salad Seeds - Australian Native
Salad Seeds - Ayurveda
Salad Seeds - Crispy Shallots
Salad Seeds - Moroccan
Salad Seeds - Organic Nori
Salad Seeds - Roasted Garlic
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Salad Seeds - Sundried Tomatoes
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Salad seeds

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Salad seeds.

Nutritious blends of dry roasted sunflower and sesame seeds, with premium herbs and spices. Generously sprinkle on your salads, stir fries or even use as a dry dip.

Australian native: Advance the Australian fare with this ever-popular mix of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tamari, akudjura, mountain pepper leaf, fragrant lemon myrtle and coriander.

Ayurveda: ALeave your tastebuds tingling with this exotic blend of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, turmeric, beetroot powder, sweet paprika, ground cassia, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, cloves, lemon myrtle and cardamom seeds.

Crispy shallots: A perfect fusion of flavours including sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tamari and fried shallots.

Moroccan: Taste the flavours of northern Africa with this moorish mix, including paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, coriander, cassia, turmeric, fennel seeds, allspice, cardamom seeds, galangal, nutmeg, orris root, caraway seeds, mace and black pepper asta.

Organic nori: The perfect companion to Asian dishes with a tangy combination of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flakes of organic nori and tamari.

Roasted garlic: Super tasty and easy, this mix is a must for lovers of garlic with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tamari and, of course, plenty of garlic.

Shichimi: If you like it hot, you’ll love this mix. A fiery blend of sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds, with added orange peel, chilli, mustard seed, paprika, Szechuan pepper and lemon myrtle.

Sundried tomatoes: Add extra depth to your salads and dishes with this classic mix of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tamari and sundried tomatoes.

Traditionally roasted: Prefer to play it straight? Our traditionally-roasted mix still packs a punch with a combination of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and tamari to give your dishes a tasty umami crunch.