Sydney Sprouts miso soup kit recipe


Soya bean sprouts are an excellent source of fibre, B vitamins, calicum and omega-3 fatty acids.
Combined with wholesome miso, this simple winter treat will nourish your soul.

This recipe is from our Sydney Sprouts Miso Soup Kit. To purchase please visit your local greengrocer!


  • 2 -3 cups of water
  • 250g of soya beans
  • ½ cup chopped green onions
  • ¼ cup firm or soft tofu
  • Dashi - Japanese seaweed broth 
  • Miso paste - fermented soya beans
  • Dry wakame - seaweed

Method (serves 2)

  1. Place 2-3 cups of water into a medium sauce pan and bring to simmer.
  2. While water simmering, wash the soya bean sprouts and discard any imperfect sprouts. Drain the soya beans and add them to the saucepan to cook through for 5 - 7 minutes. Increase/decrease time as desired for preferred soya bean texture.
  3. Thinly cut shallots. Dice tofu to 1cm cubes.
  4. As soon as the soya bean is ready, add the dashi satchel and  stir to dissolve. Add wakame and tofu to warm through.
  5. Once wakame softens stir in miso* paste until all is dissolved. Stir gently to combine all ingredients and to avoid breaking the tofu.
  6. Do not allow the soup to boil.  Boiling damages the goodness of the miso.
  7. Add the shallots and serve soup immediately.

Note: As miso are salty in nature, you can adjust the level of saltiness to your liking by increasing or decreasing the amount of miso you add to the soup.

Cannot view the video? Watch Sydney Sprouts Miso Kit cooking demo on youtube. 

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