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Protecting your sprouts. Protecting the planet.

New punnets made from 50% recycled materials.


Mother Nature plays a huge part in everything we do at Sydney Sprouts, so it’s perhaps not surprising that we spend a LOT of time thinking about protecting and preserving the Earth. If there’s ever a way to reduce our carbon footprint or minimise our waste, we want to explore it!

Something we’ve been working hard on in recent times is improving our packaging which – like the bulk of perishable fresh food products – has relied heavily on plastics for many years. Obviously, we want our hand-potted sprouts to be as fresh, nutritious and crisp as possible for you when you buy them at the supermarket. But, until now, the trade-off for this this has been a lot of unhelpful plastic waste.

Introducing our new ‘planet friendly’ punnets

Recycling technology has come a long way in recent years. We’re thrilled to say, after a lot of testing, our new punnets are made from 50% recycled materials, rather than ‘virgin’ plastics. They’re still super high quality to keep your sprouts fresh and tasty, but rather than contributing to the Earth’s ever-increasing amount of packaging waste, they’re helping us directly reduce the plastic waste generated by our punnets each year.

No double potting either!

It’s also worth remembering, the little punnets you purchase at the shops are the exact same punnets your sprouts were first hand-potted and grown in. In other words, there’s no double handling or packing required -which, again, helps us keep waste to an absolute minimum!

One final thing…

Want to help reduce waste and landfill even more? Be sure to re-use your punnets after your sprouts are finished. You can give them another life as handy containers around the house or as seedling pots. In our workshop, we use old punnets to help organise nuts, bolts and washers. In the fridge we always have an empty sprout punnet for knobs of left-over ginger, chillies and loose gloves of garlic - all waiting for the next recipe. There are thousands of possible uses!

Did you know?

On top of reducing landfill, using recycled plastics instead of virgin materials can reduce water usage by 90% and energy consumption by two-thirds!


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