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Eco Hero Little Sprout House education packs

QuantityPack of 10 (each student needs one pack)

We are keen and passionate about teaching little students who are eager to learn about the world around them.

To help you teach children about growth we have a special learning pack to support you.

What is the Eco Hero Little Sprout House?

Capturing the imagination of how a seed grows into something that is useful, the Little Sprout House is an easy project for children.

With 4-5 seeds and Little Sprout House template from us, all you need to supply is a clear snap lock bag and paper towel, to create magic and grow your seeds in front of your eyes in only a matter of days.

What comes with the Eco Hero Little Sprout House?

To support your lesson we have a number of resources to help you:

  • A lesson plan with steps on what to do and supporting literature that focuses on seeds and growth
  • Digital artwork to print and build the Little Sprout House
  • Other digital resources for students to engage with growing such as find-a-word and colouring-in sheets
  • A special offer voucher for students if they choose to grow even more sprouts in their own time

How to order your seeds

Ordering is easy! Just indicate how many students you need packs for. We are thrilled to offer schools seeds FREE, all you need to do is pay for shipping.

All additional resources will be emailed to the email address you have supplied us.


Our website has plenty of detail about different types of sprouts, how to grow them and also tackle a list of questions in the FAQ’s.

Seed prep

  1. Add 4-6 tbsp of sprouting seeds to your jar (2 tbsp for broccoli seeds) and cover with 400ml of water. Swirl around to agitate and clean the seeds, then tip out the water.
  2. Add a new 400ml of water and allow the seeds to soak for 4-6 hours.
  3. After soaking, drain water by tipping the jar upside down using the strainer lid in your sprouting kit.
  4. Sit the jar in a resting position, away from direct sunlight.

Growing & watering

  1. Water your sprouts a minimum of 2 times a day. 3-4 times per day is ideal.
  2. Add 400ml of water, swirl around to rinse sprouts, then drain.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for a second rinse with fresh water for a few minutes (extra water may be required on especially hot or humid days).
  4. Drain and place jar back in a resting position, away from direct sunlight.
  5. Repeat the rinsing and draining process 2-4 times daily until your sprouts are ready for harvest.

The magic of photosynthesis

To give your sprouts a wonderful green colour, the final stage before harvesting involves sunlight and the transformational process of photosynthesis. When your sprouts have grown to the desired size, simply follow these steps:

  1. Place your sprouts in an upright position in an area with bright light.
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight, natural or fluorescent lighting is fine.
  3. Photosynthesis will start to happen within one hour and can take up 12 hours (longer time = darker green)
    Rinsing and watering is still required during the photosynthesis stage, especially in warmer weather.
  4. Once your sprouts have reached your preferred shade of green, they’re ready for harvesting and feasting!
  5. Wash and drain your sprouts, then place them in a clean container. Your sprouts can be kept fresh in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Non-GMO
  • Non detected chemical residue *NATA laboratory tested
  • Microbiologically tested. (Free of pathogens, e-coli, salmonella and listeria)
  • No chemical seed coating
  • Open pollinated
  • Non-hybrid
  • Germination +95%
  • Seed Purity +98%

Our seed satisfaction promise

If you carefully watched our How to Sprout Seeds video and followed our growing instructions but your seeds did not sprout, you can return them for a full refund. This does not apply if you skipped a step – reread the instructions!

Please note: Seeds are not available for delivery to WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions. Ceramic spoon is for decoration only and is not included.

Eco Hero Little Sprout House education packs



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