The difference between bean sprouts and soya bean sprouts


Mung bean and soya bean pods

Mung beans pods

Fresh mung beans are darker than soya beans and their shape is more like tic tacs.

Soya beans pods

Fresh soya beans are commonly known as 'edamame'- bright green and flat-ish seeds.

mung bean and soya bean seeds

Mung beans seeds

Dried mung beans are small, darkish green in colour. Immerse it in water and it will sprout. 

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Soya beans seeds

Once dried the seeds are creamy yellow in colour and are rounder. If immersed in water the seeds reactivates and will be brought back to life.

bean sprouts and soya bean sprouts

Mung Bean sprouts (or Bean sprouts)

If left to sprout, brilliant yellow and white shoots will grow after one week. Notice the stems are thicker than soya bean sprouts and the head is flat.

Soya bean sprouts

Left to grow, the seeds become soya bean sprouts. The heads are much bigger and rounder than the bean sprouts and the stems skinner.

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