Twice the fun kit
Twice the fun kit
Twice the fun kit
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Twice the fun kit

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For twice the fun, this kit is for you. Start alfalfa seeds in one jar, then start your festive colour bean mix or lentils two days later, and by day five, you’ll be ready to harvest both jars. That’s a supply of fresh greens and plant protein, ready on hand within five days. To make a tempting salad, top your sprouts with crunchy, delicious Australian native salad seeds, also included in the kit.

The kit includes:

  • 2 glass sprouting jars with plastic strainer lids
  • 250g festive colour mix sprouting seeds: green mung beans, black pearl mung beans, red lentils and adzuki beans
  • 150g alfalfa sprouting seeds
  • 150g red lentil sprouting seeds
  • 130g Australian native salad seeds
Please note: Seeds are NOT available for delivery to WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions. Ceramic spoon is for decoration only and is not included.