buckwheat sprouting seeds - microgreens
buckwheat sprouting seeds - microgreens
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Buckwheat sprouting seeds - Microgreens

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Taste: It may taste like a grain, but buckwheat is actually 100% gluten and wheat free. With a distinct red colour coming through the stems, it has an earthy aroma, soft texture and pleasant nutty taste. But if sprouting, don’t let the tails grow too long as they can begin to develop a bitter aftertaste!

Nutrition: Buckwheat is packed with live enzymes and vital nutrients. With all eight essential amino acids, it’s one of the most complete sources of plant-based protein. This makes it a great option for diabetics and people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake to better balance their blood sugar levels. Buckwheat is also known to help lower high blood pressure.

Source: Our buckwheat seeds are sourced from Australia.

Growing time: 4-7 days (sprouts).

Our seed bags are made from a natural woven blend of cotton and muslin. For longer shelf life please store your seeds in an airtight container.

Please note: Seeds are NOT available for delivery to WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions.