Broccoli vs broccoli sprouts

The Sydney Sprouts team was amused by this recent article/question in the SMH Good Weekend “Q: My new girlfriend overcooks broccoli to the point that it’s mushy, leaving no nutritional value at all. Is it okay to say something to her about this? I feel that the only reason to eat broccoli is because of its health factor.” Apart from the amusing answers supplied by the SMH Modern Guru eg (“This person should just be thankful someone is cooking for them! If they don’t like it, they can cook their own %$#@ broccoli!”) we wanted to add some thoughts of...

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The difference between bean sprouts and soya bean sprouts


Mung beans pods Fresh mung beans are darker than soya beans and their shape is more like tic tacs. Soya beans pods Fresh soya beans are commonly known as 'edamame'- bright green and flat-ish seeds. Mung beans seeds Dried mung beans are small, darkish green in colour. Immerse it in water and it will sprout.  Purchase your own mung beans seeds to sprout! Soya beans seeds Once dried the seeds are creamy yellow in colour and are rounder. If immersed in water the seeds reactivates and will be brought back to life.  Mung Bean sprouts (or Bean sprouts) If...

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Grow your own mini herb garden sustainably

DIY News

Spring is the season of hope and new energy.   Everything is starting to slowly come to life again after winter hibernation. It's also the best time to start planting for that herb garden you have always wanted. "I don't have a backyard," I hear you say. Pfff! Don’t let that deter you! The next time you finish off a punnet of alfafa sprouts, remember to keep the plastic tub and lid. Used alfalfa tubs makes a great seedling pot to get things started. The plastic tubs are ideal as it already has holes at the bottom for drainage. The lid becomes a perfect planter dish to catch water. By giving...

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